The 2010 program features work by:

Aaron Henderson

Ben Lipkin

Brian Hubble

Brigitte Boucher

Cathleen Schuster

Chang Deng-Yao

Derek Larson is a multimedia artist making animations with found video and exhibiting in Seattle, New York, Chicago and Miami.

Diego Leclery

Edward Salem

Eunsong K

Gwyneth Anderson is a Chicago-based artist interested in ecological and emotional states.

Hannis Pannis is Chris Lin and Ryan Richey. The duo performs music, writes, makes videos and installations, as well as curating. Their previous engagements include: Julius Caesar, Phyllis’ Musical Inn, Richmond Manor, 1213 Sharp, Cinemat, and Sullivan Gallery.

Jang Soon Im

Jessica Taylor Caponigro

Joseph Letourneau

Josh Reames is previously from Texas and currently living in Chicago working on his MFA at SAIC.

Katy Collier

Kayce Bayer

Laura Goldstein and Marisa Plumb

Mia E. Rollow

Mohamed Alaa

Mohamed Ghazala is a lecturer, director of animated films, and the founder of the first chapter of the International Animated Film Association “ASIFA” in Africa and in the Arab world based in Egypt. Currently he works as full-time senior lecturer in Minia University. He has directed and co-directed many awarded films, such as “Carnival” (2001), “Crazy Works” (2002), “HM HM” (2005),”Sayari Yetu” (2006), the first Yemeni animated film “Salma” in 2006, and “Honyan’s Shoe” (2009) which won the Animation Prize at The African Movie Academy Awards (The African Oscar AMAA) in Lagos/Nigeria 2010.

Nadia Jassim

Patrick Holbrook‘s work investigates the relationship of subjectivity and the structures of ideology and globalism. He curates exhibitions at Eel Space, and is a part-time instructor at SAIC. He grew up in New Hampshire and plays music with Laughing Eye Weeping Eye.

Rebecca Schoenecker is an animator, painter, crafter, embroiderer, performer, and musician. Re-inventing myths, icons, and folk stories, her work is darkly humorous. Rebecca is currently working on animations and video to accompany her live performances as Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, a persona that cackles and croons over the drones of a harmonium.

Shayma Aziz

The Good Stuff House: Kayce Bayer and Chris Lin

Vera Palme